Friday, January 25, 2013

Michelle’s bangs are contagious

Eight of eleven of you find the Michelle Obama bangs Modern & Stylish. Two of you say they’re Egyptian inspired and one of you think they resemble The Beatles.

I love the Obama family, but the Michelle bangs and parade outfit didn’t work for me. Watching her walk down Pennsylvania Avenue in that outfit seem like something a Wesley Snipes co-star would wear in a Blade movie. She was definitely striking but I’m attracted to glam. 

Now, the ball gown was on point, although the hair still distracted me. 

I checked with my good friend and Chester hairstylist Leroy Wood of Hair World and asked him about the Michelle bangs. He described them as classic. He laughed at my survey saying that he’s already received four appointments from women who want that same style. He also believes that those four will inspire several more. 


  1. Wow, do tell! You would make a good fashion and hair blogger.

    1. got that on lock.

    2. Do they have a monopoly? Or can they handle some friendly competition?

    3. There's always room for one more good one!

  2. I thought the bangs speak to the youthful side and the coat was classy. I thought she looked fab!

  3. I agree with whole heartly on Mrs. Obama's hair style. It didn't do it for me. Our friend Mr. Leroy Wood at Hair World was viewing it from another perspective. He heard chi chinge. Make me look like Michelle Obama. Wood, come on in I will make you beautiful. Go Wood!

    The outfit she wore while stroling down Pensylvania Ave. I felt was nice. I liked the coat and THOSE BOOTS were beautiful.

    LW GA