Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chester Job Fairs

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  1. I am happy that there is a job fair in Chester, sad thing is that 85% of the people from the city won't be able to get a job because they can't pas a drug test.....Lamont2086

    1. Leave the drugs out of it since you're not sure how many folks are using drugs. I would bet that more than 15% of Chester is clean.

      The sad thing is that many folks who qualify for the jobs won't apply.

  2. Let's face the truth, how many people from chester have jobs at the casino and soccer stadium. our people did it to themselves and no one forced them to go do drugs or whatever. tell you what go up to the citgo on 9th & kerlin and see how many people gp buy blunts in a hour. our people spend more time getting high then trying to better themselves. I applied for job at the casino guess what, they said I was over qualified(because of my (military background) and at the same token they don't pay enough, can they match what I make at my present job (22.50 hr.)