Sunday, December 9, 2012

BET should never host a news show

What makes the Black Entertainment Television network think that they can support news?

They’ve been through Tavis Smiley, Ed Gordon, and Jacque Reid, and nobody watched. Lately, they brought T.J. Holmes from CNN to do weeknight entertainment news program like the Daily Show. Another flop.

Why can’t BET just stay In their lane. All their 90 million viewers want to see are music videos, reality shows, sit coms, and urban drama. Oh, and the BET Awards are a big hit. I wish they would cover black college football games, and I don't even like football.

T.J. Holmes was getting as few as 250,000 people watching him. I can do better than that on this blog if I tried. BET has scaled back to once a week (which means it will be off the air in less than 6 months).

When it comes to blacks and their news, if you’re not going against the grain, the bulk of us will stay with the networks for our news.

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  1. Man, you really do have a big head if you think you can do the news for BET and get better ratings.

    1. "T.J. Holmes was getting as few as 250,000 people watching him. I can do better than that on this blog if I tried."

    2. Exactly. Where in that statement does it say I'll do the news for BET?

  2. You should challenge yourself Stefan and try to get 250k people interested in this blog....if you did that, I know there could be some real positive changes in Chester...not just opinionated suggestions and complaints and many more good stories would certainly be this time, I dont believe you have even 50k viewers...take another survey and see...I actually laughed hard when I saw that line and the last comment...Chester deserves your excellent efforts...

    1. It amazes me that this statement gets all the attention. The blog post is about BET but everyone comments on me.

      Sure, I can build a social media platform that gets 250,000 members/viewers/fans. It certainly wouldn't be a Chester City theme. If I didn't have a full time job, I'd probably pursue something like that.

      The point of the blog post is that the BET audience doesn't want news. Neither does the Chester audience.

      Compare YesGodTV views to Chester Spotlight views and you'll see the type of stuff that people flock to.

      If it wasn't for the traffic coming from, I would have shut this thing down a long time ago. I get more spam than comments.

      It don't cost me nothing, I don't charge nothing. A couple minutes of time a day to reach a few readers is fine with me.

      However, the platform is open for all submissions. I post everything.

      FYI, this blog has 310 subscribers, and averages about 300 unique viewers a day. 80% of the viewers come from Based on where the viewers come from, this blog is more vital to outsiders than Chester folks.

    2. Stefan, I commend you for taking the time to do this blog...I am an outsider of Chester...I saw your transistion from to this site...I come here because I have relatives in Chester and I KNOW it takes alot to do what you do...much dedication...I come here to see what's really happening in Chester and what's going to take place. I visited Chester during the Thanksgiving holiday and went to the Philly diner and the mayor along with Chief of police came in and spoke to my relative. After they left, he said if only they knew how much you know about Chester and what's going on in gov't. I said, thanks to Stefan Roots. I have subscribed about 5 relatives as well. I was really intrigued with Chester's history at first, then, I dove in and read it all...down to why streets are named they way they are and who was Ruth L. Bennett...I live in a big city and never in a million years would the mayor or chief of police acknowledge me...I was laughing at my relative up north small city's a unique place, and thanks to you, I follow the link from my phone everyday. I would like to know the average age of the viewers who come here to this blog. I believe YesGodTV has a younger crowd and cater to a different viewers perspective...Thanks and Congrats!

    3. Thanks for those kind words and reminding me to get the site down.

      This blog doesn't take as much effort as it appears. Most of it is cut and paste. If I read something and have an opinion, I create a short post.

      There's a lot more going on around here than I present. I'd love to do more cut and paste but I'm limited to the information forwarded to me.

      Kev of YesGodTV does have a younger audience. He's doing a great job giving us old folks a peek at what goes on with the youngsters. They have fun a lot different than we used to, but it's still all about fun.

      Since you're a fan, I'll share this secret with only you. I've got a few new wrinkles coming out early in the new year that I'm excited about. It involves a few young college interns who will help spruce up the video content on the site. Don't tell nobody.

      But still count on me bringing the R.O.O.T.S. - Rants, Opinions, Observations, & Thoughtful Sarcasm

  3. No that's not what Stefan wrote. Another classic example of people missing their reading comprehension skills. I have to get out of this city soon. I just don't can't do it anymore.

  4. I think they should cover news so our stories can be told. It's up to us to determine our priorities. Those videos and reality shows do nothing to galvanize our community. It may be the over saturation with these things that have our kids in the educational situation they are in. Besides the mismanagement of our schools, our students are lacking basic skills upon entering school! Haven't seen a video or reality show to help with that yet!

    1. BET gets comments like yours from a lot of people and when they put the news shows on, we don't watch. Tavis, Ed, Jacque, and TJ are all great journalist and their shows were good.

      BET will survive as an entertainment station. That's what they do and that's what their audience wants.

      You gotta to get your black news somewhere else. The blogs are the best place I've found to receive it.