Sunday, December 9, 2012

Area engineering studies boosted by Swarthmore College

The only reason I pursued engineering is because my neighbor, James ‘Buddy’ Harper, was studying engineering at Widener. I figured that if Buddy could do it, I could do it too. How much of that type of thing is going on among Chester students now?

I read today that Swarthmore is creating an engineering school which gives prospective students another option to pursue a profession which is one of the most respected of all.

The Philadelphia area has so many great engineering schools: Villanova, Drexel, U of  Pennsylvania, Penn State Lima, Temple, and U of Delaware all offer top notch programs.

When local students choose engineering, they don’t have to go far from home to find a school, and more important, be around a lot of other students in neighboring schools sharing and supporting each other. I spent a lot of time on Drexel and Penn campus enjoying the programs they offered many of us from all schools who were members of the various engineering student societies.

Chester Upland, protect your STEM program. You’ve got Widener and Swarthmore in your back yard who I’m sure would help if you just asked.

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