Friday, December 7, 2012

A few of My Favorite Things – on TV

Is it just me, or has there been a bunch of great new shows on TV in the past couple years?

I don’t watch much TV so I let my DVR catch the things I’m most interested in (or my Jetflicks subscription – no, not Netflicks).

I don’t do crime and punishment shows, doctor shows, or reality shows, and don’t find most comedies funny, so I’m left with slim pickin’s.

One of my favorites, Breaking Bad should have ended at season  4 but they threw together a season 5 without Giancarlo Esposito. That was a mistake. 

Boardwalk Empire and Scandal are both captivating shows and must see TV. Chalky – or Omar as most recognize him -  (Michael Kenneth Williams) and Oliva Pope (Kerry Washington) are as good as it gets.

Coming in January, I’m looking forward to new seasons of House of Lies and Shameless.

House of Lies, with Don Cheadle playing an almost identical role as he does in the movie Flight, will be joined by Larzen Tate and Nia Long. That should be crazy.

Shameless, (my guilty pleasure), would be thrown off the air if all the white characters were black. What makes the show so great is that it reminds us that dysfunctional families come in all flavors, but clearly they must be portrayed by whites in order to get on TV. If it was a family of blacks, we’d be calling the show racist.

And don’t forget that Idris Elba has hinted that season 3 of Luther is in production. They better bring more than 4 episodes. Season 2 was way too short. (I guess I do like at least one cop show, huh?)

If left alone on Sunday morning, I’d veg on Charles Osgood, Candy Crowley, Fareed Zakaria, and Roland Martin. Throw in a little BBC America News during the week and I’m all set.

For dessert, there’s the NBA package where I get more than my money’s worth.

What are you watching?


  1. My favorites are SCANDEL, HOMELAND (Showtime) & GOOD WIFE. I also like Modern Famly, Parks and Recreation, NCIS Los Angles, Nashville and Blue Blood. Although I do not like reality shows, I do watch Sweetie Pies - the food makes me hungry!

    Liked the movie review piece you published and hope you will continue, looking forward to review for "Lincoln".

    1. Why Olivia always look like she wanna cry.

      Thanks for the comment. I won't see Lincoln for a few weeks when I can get to an early show where I have the best chance of staying awake.

  2. Not the crap you watch for sure.

  3. Did you say they were thinking of bringing Luther back? I was so upset over the season could they shoot such a short season?!?!?

    1. Yes I did.

      On Dray Clark's Facebook page, it was hinted that season 3 has started.

    2. You are upset, I didn't even know that there was a Season 2. I liked Luther and went on On Demand and could not find any additions for Luther, unless I had watch both sesons 1 and 2 and didn't know it. If so, yes it was short!

    3. Season 1 had 6 episodes and season 2 had 4 episodes. If you saw 10 shows you saw them all.

      Is Alice off the chain, or what? She keeps me completely off balance.

    4. If I'm correct Alice is the young lady who was accused for killing her parents but they could not prove she did it. I think Alice is brilliant leading to insanity, and she really likes Luther because he is a lot like her and he understands her. I think she will do anything for him and she won't hurt him because she loves him! I just looked on "On Demand" for Luther and it's not even listed anymore. What is going on? Anyway, I think I only saw Season 1.

    5. That's Alice. I guess you have Comcast.