Thursday, November 1, 2012

Polling Place Changed in Sun Village?

Rumor has it, residents of Sun Village received a letter last week informing them that their polling place was changed to 614 W. 6th Street.

The letter clearly states that they MUST BRING ID.

But, the new rumor says that some folks received calls today that their polling place has been changed back to the original location.

The Daily Times lists 614 W. 6th Street as the polling place for the 2nd Ward, 4th Pct. Sun Village Maintenance Garage, 900 John St. (garage).

If anyone can clarify, please do. 


  1. I've been informed the local Obama campaign team is aware of this situation and will be placing 'door hangers' throughout Sun Village to inform residents of their correct polling location.

  2. Praise Jesus it's a war zone in the vill