Thursday, November 29, 2012

Government Deficits are Normal?

Government deficits are normal according to the city's director of accounts and finance.

Let me repeat, Government deficits are normal!

There's so much I want to write, but I will bite my pencil on this one and wait to hear what y'all have to say.

I will remind you that in less than a single year, we've gone from a balanced budget (which I consider normal), to a deficit. We don't know how much of a deficit, but a deficit just the same.

Is this a sign of things to come (and grow) or are time clocks coming to save the day? Time clocks...really?

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    1. Government deficits are common, not normal. It was a bad choise of words.

      If it continues, that A rating will go away and Act 47 will stay.

      I didn't read anything convincing me it's gonna get better before it gets worse.

  2. Stefan, do NOT bite your pencil. Challenge the current administration to tell the citizens why there is a deficit. Be careful what you ask for though...rumor has it there was a deficit when the new administration began in January 2012 and lots of money was mismanaged and certain documents went missing prior to the current administration. Hence, the BUSH/OBAMA transition. During the prior administration the city received federal grants and did not report back to the funding sources on how the money was spent. Write, write, write. You will open a Pandora's box. Go ahead...make my day!

    1. All I know is what reporters write in the newspaper. I just hold back on my opinions from what I read.

      Anyone with more facts should feel free to present them.

      That's what we're here for.

      Educate us. We need it.

    2. Natrually the prior administration will be blamed, they too were under mandate by Act 47 which would have required the recording of a deficit. The current administration will say it was the firefighter's retroactive raises that caused the deficit but according to the Daily Times those funds were set aside during the last administration in anticipation that the city would loose the arbitration which they did. Also, according to the Daily Times, Mayor Linder during his first month made a costly mistake with the Crozer Library funds. Could it be based on all the infighting, that this administration is in over their head? Lets see, the Chief of Staff's business Starr and Associates has ties to Kirkland's alleged misappropriation of state funds, and as nice as Councilman Nichols is, he does not have experience balancing a city budget. And let us not forget the significant raise in salaries for all the new hires under Linder after he fired at least twelve people. You do the math. Before its all said and done, the city will have a big fat F when this administration is done raping the tax payers.

  3. Chester City residents, "Please do not hold your voice, let them be heard". It appears we are not afforded the information we deserve as residents of this city to know exactly what is going on and to be provided this knowledge in a timely manner. The explanations and excuses of our council members continue to offer a lack of substance except that we can count on their continued track record of uncertainity. The expectation of having a city budget deficit being classified as "normal" seems like a strange choice of words for a financial officer however our presently seated city council members lack a sense of what is considered normal in many aspects of public respresentation. I would hope that the Mayor & Council intend to tighten the reins at city hall regarding the elaborate amount of support staff which each of them seem to have. It would be interesting to see what the new Chester city government organizational chart looks like since the new administration (new personnel) took office in January. It seems at each council meeting in the last six months, new personnel is being hired and or salaries being paid form time periods which occurred in July and August-what took so long to pay these people and does these actions concur with the 2012 budget allocations? While attending a Chester city council meeting on November 28, it was heart breaking to hear the distress from residents of our city referencing the actions of the police department and the continued lack of response from our city council leaders until residents issues and concerns are publicly articulated to council and there is not alternative but to addresse the issues. Delco Times on Nov. 28 quoted Linder and Nichols as saying that a five year financial recovery plan is being developed by Fairmount Capital. Is this the plan that was sent out without the knowledge of Linder and Nichols. How does something like that occur and Mayor Linder and council are clueless about it?? When this discovery was uncovered during the Nov. 28 council meeting the individual that seemed most upset was T. Kirkland. Kirkland strongly inisisted that Mayor Linder investigate the leakage of this information. I often wonder who is running the city- and where is the accountability to the residents of Chester. Last month, at a city council meeting it was brought to the Mayor's attention that police officers spend a lot of time at the Linwood WaWa. Linder said the complaint would be investigated. I think the follow up will be what it has been in the past..continued lack of information afford to the residents of Chester. In closing,it is my belief that the council will have to do more than hold PPL and Harrah's accountable for contributions the 2013 Budget, they will also have to hold themselves accountable. Mayor Linder needs to communicate to Chester residents what his plans are, he's been in office for 11 months and there has been nothing but public chaos with our seated council.

    1. That should be a blog post, not a comment. Well done.

      No much to add other than the police at Wawa complaint. I used to be there almost daily during my Sunoco refinery days and there may be an officer there chatting with a Marcus Hook, Linwood, or Lower Chi officer(s) which I'm cool with. It wasn't like the entire force was hanging at Wawa. They never seemed to be bothering the regular customers. They never seemed to stay long.

      Hell, where in Chester can you get a good cup of coffee at 3:30am, or at any time for that matter.

      Lighten up folks. Find some real issues to challenge.

  4. name calling will not help the city or school 11/29/12 you are a dumb rep voting no to the school plan takes dumb rep off school board
    dems four life we rule