Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Congratulations Social President Barack Obama

Candidate Obama at Widener University one week before the 2008 election. Y'all didn't see him in Chester  this year.  (Photo by: Pat Worrell)

The Social Setting

Four years ago on election night. I was partying with Philadelphia’s top democrats at an invitation only event at the World Cafe. This election night I was vaporizing liquid nitrogen on a cold ass night in an empty New Jersey refinery. 

Four years ago, I hugged and kissed complete strangers in celebration in the club. Last night, it was wise not to hug and kiss my grizzly coworker in the pickup truck. 

Four years ago, I watched it all unfold on a huge projection screen on the World Cafe stage. This year, I watched it all unfold on my 3”x2” Motorola Droid Maxx screen propped up on the dashboard. 

The Social Surprise

No one knew what to expect. Everyone was nervous. As I posted on Facebook and Twitter... People watching results like it's the OJ verdict!”

Since I couldn’t watch TV, I relied on social media and the web for up to the minute coverage when I could. I couldn’t see the faces but I could feel the tension. 

When it was finally a done deal, social media shared the relief and joy, as well as the shock and pain. 

The Anti-Social Campaign

Folks didn’t think President Obama was reaching out to the masses like he did in 2008. There didn’t seem to be the same air of excitement and anticipation. He wasn’t pressing as much flesh in the ‘hood like he did before. 

But he did spend his time in the battle ground states which he won all but a couple. And I guess he figured that all that ‘hood time spent in 2008 was still good. And he was right again as blacks came out stronger than before. 

And, unlike last time when he took a break as senator to campaign, he didn't have that luxury this time. He still had to play president and run the world while making campaign speeches around the country. Somebody had to get left out. 

The Anti-Social Society

I admire President Obama for being able to take so much abuse and respond with dignity. I loath the republicans for threatening to throw Governor Christie off the Verrazano Bridge because he thanked the President for helping New Jersey’s flood victims. Folks are just plain mean.

If the Governor had said that the President had behaved like George Bush during Katrina, he’d be lying, but would have remained a party favorite. 

Socially Not Black Enough

Although blacks complain that President Obama isn’t black enough and he doesn’t address enough black issues, it’s quite obvious that black folks don’t like when you mess with their guy. He may not be the favorite of all blacks, but black folks proved that they will stand together and support him before they let someone take him away from us. 

If President Obama never does a single thing for blacks, the fact that he has proven to be a decent guy who is running this country with dignity does immeasurable things for the history of this country, and especially for the young blacks who may not have another role model in the world to look up to. 

My Social Media input

Since I couldn’t talk to anyone during the election, I sent out a couple Tweets. 

"Mitt promised big changes in the White House on Day 1. After the parade, the only change will be Michelle's gown."

"Mitt said Barack failed as a president. Barack said Mitt failed to become a president."


  1. Social? Some say he is Republican.

    1. We got the right man! LOL!

    2. I say President Obama is a man of color who is brilliant with much passion for the people of the United States of America! But you know what, I also feel the same about President Bill Cliton (who thinks he's Black - smile).

  2. He's mixed race or bi-racial. Life isn't black or white.

  3. Who cares about color......