Friday, November 30, 2012

Chester goes to once a week trash

One of the very first post on this blog back in March 2010 referred to Chester as Trashy. We sure can litter in our little town.

I never could keep up when the city would switch from once a week to twice a week trash collection. Actually, I never understood the reason for switching at all. Now, the trash collection mystery is solved. Once a week trash collection has been approved by council. Seems like a simple solution to save a few dollars.

I'm still confused about recycling. In an earlier post, someone said it is mandatory in Chester to recycle, but there obviously are no penalties for not recycling because most of us don't do it. Most of us, including me, don't have a clue what the recycling program consists of. 

If there's no enforcement, the recycle effort will continue to be ignored.

We could probably save a few more dollars if we either enforced recycling, or got rid of recycling. To have people on staff responsible for recycling but not enforcing it seems like a waste of resources. We could recycle those people to do something else. 


  1. If recycling is mandatory, someone had better let the McLusky (sp?) trash men know because they dump the recycled trash with the regular trash.

    When I put my blue recycle can out filled with newspapers, they dump it right along with the regular trash.

    I be like "wtf?!"

    But then again I have to say that it seems like Chester's administration is way over it's head in effectiveness in all services anyway, not just trash removal....although you'd think that trash removal WAS a basic service that's hard to get wrong tho.

    I dunno. It's weird...

    Chester reminds me of a stupid stripper who has a's got a lot of talents , but absolutely no idea how to effectively capitalize on them so instead, it gives lap dances for a dollar. Dr. Chester Pennsylvania.

  2. What can one say after that comment? Right on target! Good job Dr. Chester Penna.