Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pat Worrell discusses Voter ID Law Wednesday

Pat Worrell, Domocratic Candidate for State Senate 9thD, facing Republican, Majority Leader, Sen Dominic Pileggi in November, will hold a press conference regarding the courts decision on the Voter ID Law that Sen Pileggi strongly supported. 

Wednesday, October 3, at 10am
Held at the Chester Democratic Office
405 Avenue of the States, Chester


  1. I don't know much about Pat Worrell. Gotta get up to speed on my HW. Personally, I'm not a big Pileggi fan, but he is a "mover and shaker". For our city we need all the "movers and shakers" we can get..

  2. The mover and shaker as you call it made sure that the tax payers of Chester were put on the hook for a 14 million dollar loan for the soccer stadium. So much for movin and shakin.