Friday, October 12, 2012

Does Chester care about St. Rep Thaddeus Kirkland's ethics?

Marcus Hook mayor James Schiliro is bringing the heat, or so he thinks. No matter if an investigation is launched or what they may conclude, I don't believe Chester voters care either way.

Chester's political history is so ripe with political vice that these allegations brought up by Mayor Schiliro are petty in comparison. And, more importantly, Chester folks are well aware of how Kirkland flexes his political muscle and they have accepted it for 20 years. 

If Schiliro wants to be the next St. Rep, he will need the communities outside of Chester to vote in large numbers to overcome the Kirkland Chester base.  Yet, Kirkland's base would rather have a Chester face in that office than any outsider. 

When we follow the money trail submitted by Schiliro, I don't think anyone in Chester are surprised, and certainly not outraged to the point of voting for Schiliro.

We love the Across Colors Cultural Festival and Tyra Starr is a tremendous host and performer. We wish we could see more of her but Chester just doesn't have a live performance venue to put our talent on display. Shame on Chester.

The Chester Fine Arts Center is the only place in Chester where budding performance artist can receive training in voice and instruments. It's a nice place to rent for parties or a mid-size banquet. My only wish is that it would have become the new Caroso's Music and been more open and accessible for people from in and out of the community for music lessons and instrument purchases. 

Starr Associates does business-to-business work so we don't know what's going on there.

And if Community Baptist Church is doing something wrong, you'd think it would have come up long before now.

Needless to say, most politicians would probably steer clear of involving family members in their political influence so they don't bring attention to themselves on ethics violations, but in a city like Chester where residents have seen it occur for so many generations, they have given Kirkland a pass. 

Could he be doing more for his legislative district? Probably so. Is he causing atrocious harm to the Chester community? Probably not. Are there questions of ethics? Probably so. Does it change Chester's opinion of him? Probably not. 

In my opinion, the Schiliro charges have only fired up Kirkland's base to make sure they come out and vote him in once again.


  1. At this point in times, Chester needs someone who is going to do the job for the people and the city first. Second It doesn't matter if their an out sider or not, its who get the job done. Those in Chester and it seems to be many of you, who have this Outsider attitude, need to get ride of it once and for all,, and say, HEY we need help here in this CITY and we need someone who cares enough to want to help up all rise above and beyond our struggles so we can achieve success and prosper in our businesses and cut down crime.

  2. as a active member of a fairly large church in chester I would like to know what church Kirkland has helped in the city? And if Community Baptist Church can have political press conference they should also pay TAXES!!!!

  3. It has been said many ,many times before politic and religion do not mix, as a result of confusion. This just so happens to be proven point. SO my point is keep Church out of Politic and Politic out of Church bottom line.

  4. I agree that church and politics don't mix. I also agree that Chester does need help and we are in critical times. The I'm black so I must be a Democrat debate for us needs more investigation. For my vote you must be concerned with those issues that help stabilize and bring about attraction not repulsion. The Butler Administration accomplished that. Please people seek knowledge of what a candidate really has the knowledge and relationships to provide. Chester Come On enough is enough.

  5. Kirkland is a bum, scum bag.


    1. You are a a**. The KKK ran the Democratic party for years. WHAT HAS LINDER DONE SINCE HE HAS BEEN IN OFFICE?

  7. Kirkland is a bum, scum bag? What is your point - usually when one calls names they explain why. Come on and split it out, and tell us why you think Kirkland is a bum, scum bag, otherwise this statement means nothing.

  8. Kirkland has helped many Churches in Chester!!!! and he will continue.Im still voting for him even with all these new allegations. I think he is a Good man, who means well.

  9. VOTE KIRKLAND!!!!During his tenure Kirkland has helped secure state funding to complete Route 291 and federal funding to refurbish the Chester Transportation Center. He played roles in making PPL Park, Harrah’s Racetrack and Casino and the Boys and Girls Club realities.

  10. i se3cond that run rep run

  11. Unfortunately, as I stated before, a great majority of Chester residents... sorry to say... are brain ..dead and brain scared!
    Rep. Kirkland is everyones 'brother','nephew', and 'son'. He is seen as 'making -it'. You heard of the 'great white hope'.. well... he is the great Black 'We made it'!
    Kirkland represents what every conscience resident wishes for their self. He turned it around! From being in the 'crack house' to being in the 'state capital'.
    He is ..hope, he is what he preaches every Sunday. God uses ordinary people. So see, he can do no wrong in the sight of Chester's eye. NO WRONG!! And, I must admit, I am with him all the way!! He's home grown and yes, he represents Hope for me and mine!!
    You have to realize, as bleak as Chester may be, seem, there are people who fear that when and if Kirkland is ever defeated, than they are defeated no matter what the next candidate stands on and physically brings to the table.
    It's been' a long time a comin for us and we ain't lettin go!!'

  12. It's hard to get rid of a candidate who family and ties go so far back. Only a federal investigation and charges would separate this person from politics. Everyone knows who runs ALL of the Democratic dealing in Chester. What ever happen to separation of Church and State? This isn't in this person's political handbook and if allowed to do so, he'll continue to run the town the way he wants to run Chester. I agree he has done many good things for Chester but, he's suppose to in his role but ask yourself...what can be better??? The State Representative's position is POWERFUL!!! I welcome that article in and the investigation that has started. It's only the beginning. Chester deserves better through integrity and honesty.