Monday, October 8, 2012

Chester Football is disappearing despite college scholarships

First home game 2012 crowd at Chester High 
Chester High football players are getting more college scholarships than Chester High basketball players, I think.

If coach Ed Kloss's facts are correct that in the past three years 15 Chester High football players are playing college ball, that far outnumbers the basketball players that are playing college basketball despite all the state championships. 

Can anyone name 15 Chester High basketball players on college teams right now?

Yet, the football program is in trouble as they were recently forced to cut their coaching staff and scrambled to get uniforms and equipment to outfit the team. 

I spoke to an assistant coach about tryouts earlier this summer. I was wondering how many prospects get cut from the team before opening day. His surprising answer was that everyone who comes out makes the team. "There are not enough players to field a decent squad and our job is to identify the best players and do our best with them."

Even Chester's feeder football program, the Chester Panthers, have had a rough year as a recent letter has surfaced that brings attention to their challenges with equipment storage, bathroom facilities, and concession stand conditions, allegedly neglected and left in poor condition at Memorial Park by the City of Chester Department of Parks and Recreation.

I'm not much of a football fan and riding past the A-Field toward the end of the Chester vs Chichester game on Saturday indicates that there aren't too many other high school football fans in Chester either. The stands were empty.

Since the school board approved the Chester High football staffing at the start of the year, my only guess is the recent reduction of staff was decided by the new guy in charge of getting school district finances in order.

I'm not sure what the situation is at Memorial Park that's making it so hard for the youth football teams and their visiting teams to have a great experience when they come to Chester, but all signs lead to the elimination of football in Chester.

If it's getting our guys to college, you'd think that would be the sport our community would make sure that school district concentrates on. 

Since my camera has been accused of lying, check out this video from the same game and tell me if you see any more people in the stands...Click HERE


  1. They concentrate on Basketball. I was gonna say did you take that picture from your house.

    1. That is a good picture. Must be a real good camera.


    2. That camera has a special feature that erases people the further it gets across the field.

      So few people show up for a Chester High Football game that they should be gracious enough to move to the visitor's side of the field and let the guest sit in the big bleachers.

      It really is a disgrace.

      Basketball home games don't draw well either other than the opening game and a Penn Wood game.

      I don't know when we lost our love for watching high school sports in Chester.

    3. There were more people at the game than what you show here. Your drive by picture is not accurate. As usual, you are a piece of work.

    4. They used to say 'the camera doesn't lie'. Looks like mine does. What do you mean drive by? I was standing on the field on the opposite side of the bleachers. Check for the rest of the pics.

    5. If you can't join them, beat them down!

    6. I thought I was praising the football program for putting more kids in college than the celebrated basketball program. I thought I was stating the already published facts that coaches were fired and the youth program is being ignored. I thought I was exposing the community's lack of support for youth sports.

      Sometimes people can't see what is right in front of their face.

    7. Always willing to pat yourself on the back for old news.

    8. This is not news. It's an observation based on the news. Isn't it still the 2012 football season? If so, how is it late? Did you find the missing fans yet?

    9. Did you check your big head?

  2. i can not understand why the students are not supporting all of the sports. the students like to show off their bodies, sports events are the best audience. People will sell their kids to show off at an all star weekend. Thank GOD for their MOMS and GRANDMOMS,because being both I know their sacrifices. Our children are more at risk in the year 2012 going into the year 2013. Staphan I really enjoy your blog.

  3. football hear to stay c pride see you at homecoming go chester go