Monday, September 24, 2012

You are encouraged to submit to the blog

Hardly a week goes by without receiving a request to cover an event. 

In my mind, I’m not the press, I’m not a reporter. Hell, I pay $5 like everyone else when attending a Chester High game and refuse to wear press pass bling around my neck. 

I take other people's stories and turn them into blog posts. Sure, every now and then, at my convenience, I get out and take a photo, video, or interview, but less than 5% of the blog features that stuff.

I will occasionally write my opinion on something that intrigues me and that may make up another 5% of the blog. The rest comes from press releases and stories from other sources on stuff that is either about Chester or of interest to Chester folks.

The term they use for this type of style is 'aggregator'. 

Without sounding like a smart ass, I try to tell the people who send me request that I probably won’t be there, but you’ll be there. Take some photos, send captions and a short story and I’ll post it. 

99% of the people never do.

In today’s Daily Times, I see that editor Phil Heron has the same problem when events occur when most of his staff is off. (That’s right, newspaper people don’t work 24-hours a day and go home to their families).

On page 6 of today’s paper, Phil wanted the story of a highschool band event and asked them to send the paper a photo and story. They did it and it appeared in the paper the next day.

If it works for a newspaper with a staff, it can work for The Chester Blog staffed with just lil ole me.

Much of what occurs in Chester, I don’t know a thing about because I don’t see the announcement, was not invited, or there was no information put out on the event.

There’s a bunch of things going on around Chester that could be broadcasted to the blog's large audience who only check in to see what’s going on in Chester. Y'all could be sharing your stories with these folks.

For example, It would be cool to put something up on the Ramble. I was out of town which kept me away. If you took photos, video, or have a story to tell, it sure would be nice for the hundreds of blog subscribers and daily viewers to share your experience. 

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