Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where are the caps and gowns?

At Chester High School Senior Day, the day students expect to receive their graduation caps and gowns, I've been told that many of the students did not receive theirs.

The graduation organizer explained that they expect them to arrive before graduation.

Can anyone else confirm this story?


  1. I haven't heard anything like that....caps and gowns are giving to students who paid their senior class dues, if you did not pay...you will not get it.

  2. This is a story?

    1. It is if you paid the $200 and did not receive your cap and gown as my source says.

    2. Maybe, your source is failing.

    3. What a shame that you feel this way.

      I really don't think the person would have send me a note from their cell phone if this wasn't a real issue.

  3. Yes. I paid class dues in November and my child was told to come back on Thursday. Really?! Three days before graduation and no cap and gown.