Monday, June 4, 2012

Video: Blogging While Brown in Philly


Click HERE to view the official Highlights Video produced by the 'Blogging While Brown' organizers - Must See!


  1. I wish I had a chance to go to that. I didn't hear about it until the night before while at a talk Scott Hanselman was giving at MCCC. Guess I'll have to catch it next year.

    1. i knew about it early but didn't expect to attend.

      The morning of Day 1, I woke up saying I'd go, went online, and they were sold old. I showed up anyway...they took my cash.

      My plan was to just do Friday, but after a couple hours, I was convinced I needed to come again Saturday. They took more of my cash.

      It was worth every penny.

      Although it was labled as a Black Bloggers conference, I'd estimate that 90% of the information had nothing to do with race. It was simply a group of about 100 black folks learning to improve their craft.

    2. FYI...Scott Hanselman is the white guy pictured in the group of women near the end of my video.

      He gave the most hilarious presentaion I think I've ever seen during the panel on Personal Branding. He is a very funny guy and a master at what he does with the technology.

      i got a valuable tip from him at the party that I'm going to use in future videos and PowerPoint presentation.

    3. Scott is a good presenter and uses those skills very well. He even joked about going to the conference being that he was white.

      It's good that you went on a whim. I try to get across to one of my friends that he (as well as many of of) need to get out and do different things. I'm tired of being the only one that looks like me at places.

      I go to conferences, speeches and seminars all the time on different things and I can usually count in one glace the number of black faces in the room. At the events that are targeted at us like this one it's a different story.

      Honestly I think that if this event wasn't named the way it was, our representation would've been much I like I see everywhere else which is sad.

      If you're reading this and only attend events because they are specific to your race, religion or something else so limiting then you aren't enriching yourself as well as you should be.

      I can go on and on about this for a while but I'll step off the soapbox for now.

    4. I definately attended because of its focus on Blogging While Brown.

      I often joke that when I got started, I thought a Blogger was a Black Logger. I sought out other black bloggers and found them via the internet. I now know one local black that is blogging in a big way out of Philly thanks to the conference. Only one.

      This was an event to be proud of. Well organized, topical, a perfect location (Chemical Heritage Foundation).

      It was the type of event that the few whites who attended could go back home and not say anything negative. The information applied to anyone.