Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lower Merion High School Jazz Band

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Went into Philly for a little R&R late this afternoon (it is beer week). I enjoyed some buck-a-shucks at the Oyster House and then walked down to Chris’ Jazz Cafe for a lite meal. Little did I know that the Lower Merion High School Jazz Band was scheduled to perform.
They are incredible. 
I could only stay for about 40 minutes but in that time they did a few Count Basie tunes and another Basie-esqe song featuring some of their lead horns and piano player.
If there is ever a reason to keep music and the arts in school, they are the perfect example. 
As Daily Times editor Phil Heron likes to remind us, ‘it always comes down to race’, and I couldn’t help but to compare the all white jazz band to the school’s mostly black basketball team. Can’t we get at least one brotha or sista playing a horn?
Sorry Dawn Vann, Joe and Scoop Kane. All we have is you. 

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