Monday, June 4, 2012

Basketball court finally complete

Lines, rims, and nets are finally on the main basketball court at the sort-of-new outdoor sports complex on 7th and Penn.

I came to you a couple weeks ago with a video describing how rims are bent or missing, nets need replacing, and ponds form on all the courts when it rains.
I guess you can't have it all and this is another example of that. 

In a single day last week, the lines were painted and the rims were installed on this long delayed project that started in the spring of last year. 
In the video, I mentioned that a replacement net cost about $5. I just happened to find a net in my basement that I've had for a few years. It's priced at $2.49. 
I'd be happy to give this net to the people responsible for maintaining the courts if they promise to put the net up. (I ain't climbing no ladder or standing on anyone's shoulders like we used to do).
Leave me a comment and I'll deliver it to where ever you like.

The acutal net I'm willing to part with


  1. Squeaky wheel gets the grease!

  2. Who was squeaking besides me? I don't think my efforts will be credited for the work.

    I hope that coach and his team of kids squeaked. They were practising on the court with no rims. That's one hellava coach if his team improves under those conditions.

  3. I guess getting the ground to be more level for proper drainage is out of the question if the nets took this long huh?

    1. The grading to preventing puddles would have been done before the final surface went down. We'll just have to live with it as it is.

      At the rate at which maintenance is getting done, there won't be much left by the end of summer but a surface. 

      What do you think would happen if we ask for lights?