Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SURVEY RESULTS: Where do you live?

81 votes

In Chester City 41%
In Delaware County 29%
Outside PA 22%
In PA 6%
Is anyone surprised that most of the people who visit this blog are not from Chester?
I’ve known this from the beginning based on the analytics, but I thought I’d do a survey to confirm those findings, and for you to see for yourself.
Most traffic comes from so that accounts for the Delaware County readers and those who check from out of state. 
The stats and survey proves that a lot of people are interested in Chester news and issues. 
Does that also imply that Chester people aren’t as interested?


  1. I think you will find the answer to your question if you ask the age of the people reading the site. According to the latest census data, 43% of the people in the city are younger than 25.

    From my experience, most people in the city don't start to acknowledge their impact on their own community until after that age.

    1. According to the SURVEY RESULTS: How old are you? - from July 2011, 86% of the readers are over 36.