Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Momma Throws Down

Ralph Harris at Helium Comedy Club

When I interviewed comedian Ralph Harris for the Chester Spotlight before his performance at Helium a few years back, I asked him if he considered himself a household name.
Ralph laughed and said, “No. Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy are household names. I’m just a comedian making a nice living doing what I love.”
Well, that may soon be coming to an end as Ralph is now hosting a great new show on TV-One, “My Momma Throws Down”.
Ralph is from West Philly but has Chester ties through Rocky Wilson as they used to do comedy shows together in the 80s. Rocky couldn’t get many headlining gigs in the comedy clubs and finally got out the game, but Ralph kept plugging...and is still plugging away at his craft. 
I hate cooking shows and had no idea that “My Momma Throws Down” was a cooking show when I watched the debut episode. But it’s not like any cooking show ever.
It’s sort of like Iron Chef meets Family Feud. 
Two families get on the show by nominating their Mommas who supposedly are great cooks, according to them. They prepare their signature dishes and prepare a meal for the judges to try. The Mommas even try each other’s dishes and comment on them.
Since we’re not dealing with real chefs, (and the judges aren’t necessarily real food judges), the meals they make are real down home cooking. That’s what I love about the show. (You know cornbread is made in a iron skillet and thrown in the oven to bake).
The last episode I saw, one Momma served up a lemon pound cake that made me wish I could jump in the TV and grab a slice.
Check your local cable listings to see when the show comes on. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. 

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