Tuesday, May 29, 2012

If there was ever a time to SNITCH

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Our condolences to Rev. Calvin Williams in the murder of his son. 
So sadly ironic that Rev. Williams is the face of Chester Anti-Violence as he is at every rally, every vigil, every bedside. 
I'm confident this thug will be behind bars by the weekend.

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  1. I believe they caught the guy it was a shame he was a good guy . He made sure my son didn't get into any mess and made sure he stay striaght he going to be miss .

  2. I concur..it is a total shame when violence is the end result. We all grew up together, same neighborhoods, same classes and same hate and dislikes. How can we kill eachother..and why? Is it worth it in the end? It hurts my soul to lose a friend of many many years. Ive known Devon since elementary, middle, and some of high school. We even reunited a good friendship as we grew to become man and woman. Even though we all struggle to find ourselves in life its the realization that your are not perfect and know that you are still finding yourself is what matters. It lets you know that your still human and better yet still growing. Nobody is born excellent it is through the many trials and tribulations in your journey of life that makes it a experience and teaches you right from wrong. Sometimes we make the same mistakes more than we should and perfect ourself in mmaking that mistake but that give you wisdom to share when you start to make the right ones.I speak out because this has hit me like a thousand razors to my soul because he is gone. Everytime we lose someone, think of it as we failed them. It takes a Village to raise a child was Devon's favor slogan as a child. So we forgot to look after and protect them. We all should be the blame..now how do we in return fix what needs to mended? Our hearts..How can we heal eachother from the pain of all these unnecessary acts of violence and how can we prevent them from happening again.

  3. Not caught yet and no one is coming forward to help the police..... And this title should not have the word snitch..... It should be titled do the right thing.......