Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I like Chris Webber again

Don’t watch an NBA game with me unless you’re ready to hear me hollering at the TV throughout the entire game. 
Sometimes I turn the volume down and listen to music because some of the commentators don’t seem to know a thing about the game their watching. 
Chris Webber is a refreshing exception.
I loved him as a player in college and his younger days with Sacramento. Age and injuries caught up with him by the time the 76ers made the desperate move to bring him to Philly.
When Webber and Iverson didn’t show up for Fan Appreciation Night, I thought I’d never forgive either of them. 

Allen Iverson has proven to be his own worse enemy mainly because he never worked out (Practice?) and now can’t even get a job as a janitor for any team in the league (damn shame).
But Chris Webber has done an excellent job reinventing himself as a top notch color commentator.
He wasn’t always so good in his initial days on NBA TV but he’s obviously been well coached and is now the only young former player who does the big games behind the mic.

Having played with and against many of the players on the court, Webber brings an authoritative voice of game analysis, player tendencies, and coaching. In a nice way, Chris also isn’t shy about correcting some of the idiots he’s forced to share a mic with. Compared to some of the guys that have been doing it for years, Chris, while still honing his skills, may end up being one of the great ones. 
And his stylist is doing a wonderful job, too. 
More than a few times during these playoffs, C-Web repeats the very things I’m hollering at the TV which makes me sound like I really know what I’m talking about.
At least when he does a game, my TV isn’t on mute.


  1. Yeah but he really needs to run a comb thru that head

    1. Oh. I thought napps was the new process.