Monday, April 23, 2012

Upper Darby seeking Chester help to Save Public Education

The students, parents, alumni, and community members of Upper Darby Township, Pennsylvania have become united in one cause over the past week and a half: the defense of public education. 
For far too long, this school district of over 12 thousand students and 14 schools has been bullied by the state government, contending with far greater fiscal woes than its neighbors. 
This year, the current dire financial climate has led our school board to propose drastic budget cuts which include eliminating music, art, library and gym classes from our elementary schools

We've had enough, and we're taking our fight all the way to the Capitol steps in Harrisburg. 
We've already received attention from multiple press outlets, and we plan to reach out to other school districts in the state, who are dealing with the same types of budget cuts due to Governor Corbett's mission to destroy public education as we know it.

Please contact to find out more information.

1 comment:

  1. Great Idea. LARGE FUNDING CUTS for social programs i.e. "education"--compromise the integrity and the well being of the communities leaving the public vulnerable to exploitation. Therefore, leads to PRIVATIZATION OF STATE OWNED ENTERPRISES, i.e. "education" can be purchased and regulated by corporations "charter schools" for profit.

    This needs to be stopped!