Thursday, April 5, 2012

Top Crime: Failure to Pay Child Support?

The opinions of the child support system are varied. On the extremes, some see it as a situational entitlement, and others see it as a heartless act of legal robbery. 
Unfortunately, child support is rarely openly discussed for its merits or deficiencies. 
Some municipalities enforce child support violations more aggressively than others. 
If you are owed child support payments, you want aggressive enforcement. If you owe child support money, you wonder why you're sitting in jail.
Occasionally, I peek at the Delco Most Wanted tab on this blog. Somehow, it always seems to be full of folks who fail to pay child support.
Sure, these people have committed a crime by not paying, but are these really the most wanted criminals in Delaware County? 
Where’s the guy who broke into the house; stole the car; sold the drugs; shoplifted from the Dollar Store; punched the teacher; cheated on their taxes; molested the child...and so on.
Personally, if I happen to recognize someone who committed one of those crimes, I probably would snitch.
I’m not so inclined to do the same if I run into someone who owes child support.
However, I may inform them that I saw them on the Most Wanted page and suggest that they make some arrangements.
Maybe that’s the purpose of listing so many child support violators on the Most Wanted Page. They need a little counseling. 
If so, there needs to be another Most Wanted Page for ‘real’ criminals. They need a day in court. 


  1. this whole whole domestic relations system is screwed up !!!! they are an one sided operation.maybe there should be an story done about the DOMESTIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT to show how the system really works,you'll be surpised

  2. if u sit in the waiting room and ask a few child support payees,i'm pretty sure you can almost write a book !!!

  3. Must be a person who owes child support payments commenting....I say they should be prosceuted as criminals, because there are children barely eating 3 meals a day if that because their custodial parent can barely put food on the table, make rent, buy clothes,pay bills...etc because the "payer" chooses not to pay child support and let's face it most of the offenders are not destitute, and they are living with other women and other children supporting their lifestyle....Yes I have been there done that struggle, and guess what to anyone who isn't paying child support just because they are mad at the custodial parent for taking them to court because the weren't taking care of their child(ren), then by all means sit in jail for a few weeks and see how it feels to want something so bad and can't have it because "you" won't provide it for yourself and then think about how your child(ren) feel.....BIG ADVOCATE FOR CHILD SUPPORT THROUGH THE COURT!!!

    1. The child support system could use an overhaul.

      Just like some payers are considered criminals for not paying, some payees are criminal for not using the money to create a decent lifestyle for the children.

      And the courts are criminal for some of the judgements they award to the payees, especially when the payer is incapable of meeting that financial obligation, particularly in the case of losing their salary after the court order is in place.

      Before a day in court is allowed, both parents should prove that they have attempted to come to an agreement. If an agreement is met, go to court and seal the deal.

      If an agreement is not met, have a mediator help draft an agreement.

      If still no resolution, go with the formulas.

      There's no way the court formula is going to satisfy every situation. But, they are used across the board causing more problems than they have to.

      Some folks can pay and don't. That's criminal. But if you can't pay, should you really have to go to jail?

      Some folks just don't provide for their children, financial or otherwise. Yet, only the financial issues carry immediate punishment. A parent can neglect to help with homework, or miss meals, not wash clothes, and never take a kid to the dentist, but that's not regulated.

      Some payees do more harm to their kids regardless of whether they receive payments or not.

      If there was no child support system, would there be less babies?

    2. well said stefan !!!!

    3. if you think about it,if the payor or non custodial parent is in jail it wont make a difference because they will be in jail,plus no money can be sent to the other parent.isn't that defeating the purpose

    4. 10 Steps to Arrest

      1. I have a good job and pay child support.
      2. I lose my job and can't pay child support.
      3. My arrears are growing
      4. I finally get to court for an adjustment hearing
      5. I'm told to get a job. My payment is reduced but I still can't pay, or I'm left with less than rent money.
      6. Arrears grow
      7. Police come get me and put me in jail
      8. I lose my job and gain a new criminal record
      9. I have less chance of getting a new job
      10. I get real mad and start doing stupid things

    5. The Custodial Support Foundation provides an Amnesty Program for noncustodial parents that owe child support arrears, have arrest warrant for unpaid arrears, revoked driver's licenses, revoked passports and income tax levies.

      The program provides legal and collection services to enable noncustodial parents to establish settlement agreements to pay their arrears, suspend their arrest warrants, restore their licenses, restore their passports and stop income tax levies for the nonpayment of child support.

      Amnesty Program:

      Noncustodial Parent Endorsement:

      Noncustodial Parent Program Episode:

      If you are a noncustodial parent and need assistance, call the Custodial Support Foundation.

      Our 24-Hour Call Center is standing by for your calls at (855) 851-HELP or (855) 851-4375.

  4. im referring to the men and women who do pay !!!! not the ones who pay

    1. I know. Just trying to flush out all the angles

  5. How is it that our men get caught up with women that want nothing more than just a child by every man she sleeps with, women should go to jail if your on the system and have more than 2 kids you can't afford to have the blessed children but the first one to run to court. How is it that you take the father to court and men wake up file the list suite as well you have rights go to the local law library read, learn educated your self wake up!!!!