Thursday, March 15, 2012

“What kind of school district is this?”

I know. I’m the last to know. Well, me and Bo Sanders were both last.
We were both chatting after the Chester Business Association meeting when Doreen Storey  came up to us to talk about ‘The Fight’.
Being hoop fans, Bo and I were watching basketball last night when the story hit the TV. I didn’t see a paper before heading to the meeting, so we were both in shock when we got the news.
The school board president and a teacher were fighting in the high school!
And they both justified their actions by calling it self defense.
What do you think should be done?

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Click HERE for a video.


  1. The Board President should resign and the Teacher should be know a lawsuit is coming next

    1. Can the board president be fired and the teacher resign? A lawsuit? Who against whom?

  2. The board president should have to to resign and the teacher fired. It is unacceptable and shameful on both ends.

  3. Guess what!! if that was two students fighting what do you think would have hsppen to them???? A citiation would be coming in the mail for a hearing out Media. These two should be held accountable for thier actions regardless of who hit who first....Like the kids A CHS don't have enough negative stuff to deal with

  4. shamefully amazing

  5. I was born and raised in Chester, I moved to South Carolina in 2009. I read The Delco Times and The C City Blogger everyday and it is just heartbreaking to read about ALL of these things that are happening in my HOMETOWN. LORD PLEASE LAY YOUR HANDS ON THE PEOPLE OF CHESTER PA. AMEN.AMEN.AMEN

  6. Wanda Mann is a disgrace to the CUSD and shoul definitely be removed of her duties.SHAMEFUL FOR ALL STUDENTS IN THE CUSD.

  7. We should not rush to judgment, let the proper channels decide wht needs to be done! We are not perfect and I know there is a time and place for everything but we do not have all the details, just be patient!

  8. Regarding the Big Fight, you're kidding -- right?


  10. They both say the video will prove that it was self-defense...I would like to see the video myself...but for adults to behave that way in a school full of being the school board pres and the other a teacher...I would like to know what in the world could have been said in that meeting that would make to adults come out of their skins like that....? Personally I am not judging but honestly what words could have been so bad to act like that in front of children? (a question not a judgement) When I first heard of this I was totally shocked that this happened with everything that is already going on in this district....The teacher also said she was being threaten by a student and had been documenting the incidents and reporting them and nothing was being done to help her...Ms. Mann says the teacher brought her child to the school to fight the student...and that the teacher called the students of this district a really bad name...none of that in my opinion is cause for 2 adults to behave that way in front of children...

  11. It does not matter who initiated what!! Two African-American Professional women swinging at each other, tumbling on the floor; hitting, kicking, cursing, at each other?? ( no less in a room full of impressionable children) A DISGRACE!!! What in the world were you thinking??
    Close your eyes and imagine your mother, sister, grandmother in either position! Now, wipe the tears from under your eyes! A DISGRACE!!!
    Think Ellen wants to send any money now?
    Think Corbett wants to conference with you now?
    Think the students parents, neighbors, Chester citizens respect you now?
    As in the last words of Spike Lee's "School Daze"... 'WAKE UP!!!'
    You are 'living up' to 'their ' discription of our city!!
    Yes, what kind of school is this??? A Total Disgrace!!!
    Sign Me,

  12. yea reps are killing school

  13. First, if Wanda Mann has some respect for the City of Chester, for the CUSD students and personal integrity she will resign gracefully…Ha! The school board kept her after the incident. The citizens of Chester are not Blind “Underground Citizens for Chester Reform” are meeting in a private residence and organizing to assume political positions in the City including the School Board, are searching for qualified individuals, not political cronies. BE AWARE we are voting these clowns OUT.

    Mayor, please clean out Our City. Literally and Politically. I live in the city and restricted my travels and family activities. The drug Thugs hang out in front of your face. The trash is all over; look at 22nd Street between Providence and the Dinner. It is the new Highland Gardens. Mayor, appearance is very important physically and politically. You have the power to demand it and enforce it. Start now “Underground Citizens for Chester Reform” are requesting it, now