Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tyreke Evans looked good in opener

The 2008-2009 NBA Rookie of the Year had a frustrating sophomore year due to injuries, but it appears the long summer vacation has Sacramento Kings’ Tyreke Evans back in top form.
Last night, the Kings opened their abbreviated pre-season schedule with a horrible loss to the exciting Golden State Warriors. 
Tyreke scored 17 points while dishing 7 assists, pulling 4 rebounds, and picking off 2 steals. The game announcers agree that he’s one of the strongest, fastest, and best ball handling guards in the league and they cringe at how special he could become if he could shoot a jump shot consistently. 

In true Tyreke fashion, he sliced to the basket with relative ease as most of his points came at the rim.
Unfortunately, the Kings will again be one of the worse teams in the league. They do have a few better players and they are a little older, but they’ll still lose a lot more games then they’ll win.
I still don’t understand why the Sixers didn’t draft DeMarcus Cousins last year. He’ll be another one biding his time in Sacramento waiting for his contract to expire, just like Tyreke. 


  1. You just could not help yourself! I will say it again he was the driver of a vehicle that committed a drive by shoting, he then hid the vehicle in phila, and the worst thing of all he did not tell the police, and I bet you his cousin will be well taken care of when he gets out of prison. This guy should be in jail..... I feel bad for the victims family that they have to see this guy in the media and he has no shame.....

  2. I wholeheartedly agree!! How can you glamorize an accessor(er) to a murder!!
    Just goes to show you how 'Green' our justice system is!! I too, can't imagine the family and loved ones of HIS victim seeing this 'accomplice' living the good life! Tsk...Tsk Justice system, Shame on you too NBA!!

  3. Glamorize?

    What term in my post signifies glamor? All I did was report the results of a single game that I watched. Stay tuned, there will be 66 more opportunities for me to do it again.

    I can only assume that neither of you are family members of the shooting victim, and you’re probably not members of the Chester community (names like Anonymous always evoke credibility issues with me).

    Do you sit at home and keep a list of every professional athlete that has committed a crime and write to the reporters who feature them in an issue? Or is Tyreke Evans your only target?

    Personally, I welcome all comments. I don’t know Tyreke personally, nor did I follow the case very closely. But you two (if you are different people) obviously did.

    It would be nice if a family member or others in the Chester community who know a lot more about what you two are talking about than me would comment

    Until then, the NBA season starts Sunday and I’m looking forwawd to seeing Tyreke and the rest of the NBA players do their thing all the way through to the Championship game.

  4. Anybody who commits crime, not just sports stars..... He is no good, you are a jouralanst go speake to the victims family?

  5. Thanks for the compliment, but I respect the profession of journalism too much to consider myself one. I'm a blogger, not a journalist.

    Why don't you speak to the family if there's something you want to hear from them?

    I'll continue to cover Tyreke Evans the NBA basketball star. You can cover what ever you want to cover from the victim's family and I'll be happy to post it on the blog.