Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sunday Soul Food in Chester

Good Morning, my name is Darryl Walker and I am the co-pastor of Bethel Ministry. I am also a School District of Philadelphia middle school teacher.

I received a new student about two weeks ago. I asked the new student the meaning of their name and they could not tell me.  I then asked several more of my students the meanings of their name, only two knew  the meanings of their name and they were my most gifted academic students. 

I then asked over two dozen of my co-workers, and friends what their purpose was in life. Only about 33% could verbalize it. 

I then had an a-ha moment on the drive home. There is so much violence in Chester, Philadelphia, and Upper Darby. What is the cause of it?

The answer is they need "Soul Food".

If a person does not know their purpose or destiny, they are alive and not living life. If you do not know the intent of a tool, you will either misuse that tool and cause damage to someone or neglect the tool. 

Every 2nd and 4th Sunday at the Best Western Widener Hotel 1450 Providence Avenue In Chester, PA  right off  I-95 exit 6, which is a central location for Delval residents, we will present "Soul Food".
Anyone would feel welcome whether they’re a, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Mormon , Christian, or Adventist. 

On these Sunday's universal life principles are taught and not doctrine. The goal of Soul Food is to help people discover their purpose in life, understand why vision is essential for their success, develop a specific plan for achieving their vision, overcome obstacles to their vision. We are going to teach the essentials for living an abundant life, living life on purpose and not preference. 

If we settle for less than our best, the world will lose our contribution, and we will miss the exhilaration of reaching our full potential. We were meant to live life on purpose. 

Our website is, contact number 215-687-5976.

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