Monday, December 26, 2011

How to resolve school board issues

Here's a simple solution to resolving school board infighting.


Why not give the 8 board members a specific responsibility that they have to manage, control, and report on.

Here are 8 suggestions that a board member can be assigned:

1. Curriculum
2. Support Staff
3. Teaching Staff
4. Physical Plant
5. Athletics
8. Food

The board president's role will be to make it all work.


  1. Man, you are really working overtime on Chester Upland. I think you need something to do. Next time run for the school board.

  2. I hope I'm not the only one working overtime.

    What's the bigger story around Chester?

  3. I agree that each council member should have a specific role and responsibilty. This would make them more accountable to the residents of the Chester-Upland School District.But we also have to remember that just because someone is a good person or elected official it does not make them qualified for the job, you need people who have prior experience in those educational avenues, for it seems right now that city council is in over it's head according to the State Education guru.

  4. I think you mean the school board is in over it's head.

    Speaking of city council, they are assigned to lead a department like streets, safety, parks and recreation, etc. Often, city council members don't have prior experience in those areas.

    If you are elected, you better either be experienced in one of those areas or become a quick study. Same applies to the school board.

  5. i think you are correct in your list. this would save us a lot of money. i think the board should be accountable what they are expected to do.the lack of co operation from parents need to be improved,also,because it is a problem . they need to attend parent/ teachers associations and board meetings. i just pray charles does not loose focus of the children,s education and their safety and not focus on in house fighting. i really respect you stefan for your dedication.thank you

  6. i think the super job should be an elected job. it seems the keep hiring people that have their own agenda. now dexter and ms.wells are retiring on a high salary.

  7. Many corporations do not have $100 million budgets. When they do, they hire highly qualified people to run their companies. If they don't perform, they are fired.

    But our system allows us to elect anyone who can get on the ballot, regardless of qualifications to manage in the education industry or manage money.

    It's a strange system which is probably why it's failing in so many places.

  8. Other big story is Sunoco.