Saturday, December 3, 2011

Focus on Chester Violence video replay

A lot of people think I know everything that’s going on around town because I do this blog. That statement couldn’t be further from the truth.
I’m only as good as my sources and my sources is YOU.
This morning, I finally had a little bit of time do some web surfing and I stumbled on upon the Dailytimes ‘Live from the Newsroom’ program focusing on violence in Chester? 
Have you seen it?
Joining Daily Times editor Phil Heron and columnist Gil Spencer was Mayor-Elect John Linder, Jonathan Abdur Rahim, Kenny Covert and Leo Davis from Brothers of Concern. Along with community activist Nicole Cogdell, Police Chaplain the Rev. Rocky Brown and George Benson. His niece died in his arms after being shot in the street outside his house.

I’m surprised none of the folks on the panel gave me a heads-up that this program was taking place so I could have announced it in advance for you to view.
But then again, I shouldn’t be surprised. So much goes on around here that I never hear about. Unfortunately, you are the one most affected by our lack of communication to each other. 
The only reason I take the time to keep this blog alive is to give you near immediate access to information that I come across. 
Too often, I wonder if folks just don’t want y’all to know what’s going on.

Or, maybe too many people think I just know it all already. 
Click HERE to view the program


  1. Very sad about Mr Benson and his family, the fact of the matter is that there were alot of residents out in that area when his neice was killed, and no body spoke up!!!

    Mayor elect stated that he is going to replace Cheif Alston, Cheif Alsto cvares about this community, he works day and night. There is a rumor going around that the new mayor is going to bring in retired Major Joe Bail, what a mistake, the men and women who work for the Police Department know all to well that Joe Bail is a liar and a biggit, and a pervert. He will not have the backing from the department and it will cause alot of termoil with trhe new mayor..... Cheif Alston is more then capabile for the job. Public Officals should have there part in the police department but for some reason they like to run it and most times dont have any experience. Mayor was proactive but he way is 20 years behind the times... For the department sake and the city dont hire Joe Bail........

  2. Why was my commit not posted, i can only wonder? I speak the truth Joe Bail is not the guy to run the police dfepartment. Post my commit are you afaired????

  3. I don't know why your comment wasn't posted. Sorry.

    Has Linder made his appointments already? I haven't heard.

    Who is this Joe Bail guy? What makes you think he's Linder's choice? Why is he a bad choice? Who is the best choice?

  4. Good morning Stefan, There is a rumor that is going around that Mayor elect is going to hire retired police major Joe bail and make him chief of police. All I can say is that Joe Bail is a lier, and is no good for theb department and city. Cheif Alston is very hard working man who works day and night, his heart is with the community and the department. mayor Wendel was very hands on and that is not always good. Alston has alot of ideas and should be given a fair chance with the new mayor. If you ask the men and woman who work at the department they will tell you that Bail is no good and that he will use and lie to make himself look good and will bring down the moral of the department. Could you find out if the new mayor is going to give Chief Alston a fair chance? He deserves a fair chance!

  5. If so many people are aware and concerned about Mayor-Elect Linder's appointments, I hope you are calling and writting him directly. He is still your city councilman and should be rather available.

    I've reached out to Mr. Linder several times since the election but he hasn't got back to me yet. So, I'm probably not the guy who could find out about his appointments for you.

  6. Thanks Stefan, I voice my concern, and thats a shame he will not call you back, not very nice. Have a good day.

  7. There are a plethora of rumors floating around ye ol rumor mill - or water cooler, if that is your cup of tea.

    Fact of the matter is this: Most times, politicians appoint 'their own' people in high-ranking positions such as Chief or his Majors. Seeing as the present line up is 'Butler's People', I won't be all too surprised if they're shown the door or demoted.

    Does Chief Alston care in regards to his community as stated by the Anonymous poster? Yes, both day and night, which is quite impressive, seeing as I recall overhearing that he receives no overtime and is paid a set salary. I cannot speak for the Majors, seeing as I don't quite hear from them all that often - which may or may not attribute to their possible demise.

    From my own experience, a new head honco usually takes over and wants to change a bunch of things 'just because'. Seldom does one wish to understand why things work the way they do - much like a child with Lego's or some-such. Then again, Linder is educated (the van said so - as do his Degrees); yet it's no so much Linder I worry about, but rather his cohorts which I don't believe possess the level of skill/education in which he does - mind you, I posted anonymously awhile ago in regards to this issue, believe I scoffed at the straight party voting, but I digress.

    There I go, again, nearly missing the point and ranting.

    But, the too long; didn't read version is this: Linder - in the third archive of the Live in the Newsroom segment, reported that Chief Alston will simply 'have a position within the Chester Police Department'. He left it quite open, and seeing as he isn't exactly returning your phone calls I'd place my money on the possibility of a new Chief.

    I don't know this Joe Bail person, so I can't exactly say.

  8. There is no question that there will be a number of people replaced who currently hold a City job. There may even be some jobs eliminated all together. Who knows, there may be some new jobs created.

    I'm sure the Mayor-Elect is considering those issues now.

    I'm just curious what makes folks so sure he has decided on a new Chief already and why the alleged new appointment is so distained among those who seem to know.

    It amost seems like people believe Linder is on the verge of appointing a bad cop. That doesn't make any sense to me. Why would he do such a thing?

    No one has answered that question.

  9. @ Anyno 12/5 @606p...I must say I like where you were going with the Staight party voting...I think straight party voting is the act of an uneducated voter, no matter the party you need to educate yourself on who the people are and I think that if you (not you personally)did then you would vote for people in different parties and in the case of this city it ouldn't go from 1 extreme to the next every time leadership changes...IMHO. But the rumor mill has been a buzz since the night of the election, with whole depts being fired and/or done away with altogether, which would just be stupid, take what and who works and build on it would be the smart thing to do, also I have heard little whispers about this person being appointed Chief and that person, but the people close to the mayor-elect should shut up and stop telling people they "know" won't say anything because they are talking and apparently adding their own spin or talking when talking is going on and not waiting for decisions to be made...with Dr. Linder being so very educated I am going to trust that he makes EDUCATED decisions if he is going to replace anyone or eliminate any programs in the city or it's staff, for the simple fact that the election is over and I am very sure he wants to be more then a 1 term mayor...because the voters are fickle in this country and especially here in for the people in his crew not being as educated as he is.....true! but I hope that Dr. Linder takes their advice and consider it along with his own knowledge and then and only then make a decision...because from next month thru the remainder of his term, it HAS to be about the best course of action for the city, not about what Mr. Butler has or hasn't done and look at what I can do....the time for politics is over it's time to act and build on what is working and plan and execute for what isn't/hasn't....