Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What about YesGodTV?

As I dropped mom off at her home, I heard a disturbing sound. I told her, ‘That didn’t sound good’, but she said she didn’t hear anything. Just around the corner was the accident shown in the ‘Drama on 7th and Tilghman’ post.
I can’t believe all the comments to that post, most of which have nothing to do with the accident. 
Several of the comments relate to YesGodTV. I don’t have a clue how they figure in to an auto accident, but the comments were so passionate that I’ve decided to give the topic it’s own post so you can comment just on YesGodTV. 
First, my opinion of YesGodTV.

I like the YesGodTV Youtube channel, but I don’t always like the things I see on the channel. Many of the videos depict the raw attitudes, opinions, and talent of the young people of Chester. Some of it is hard for my 50 year old eyes and ears to comprehend and there are times when I just can’t finish watching a video out of pure disgust. Other times, I’m thoroughly entertained. 
Kev Thomas is the Spike Lee of Chester. His videos are mini-documentaries that bring an unscripted peek at what is on the minds of our youth. You won’t find that type of expression anywhere else.
The young folks obviously love it. His viewership is off the charts and everyone waits for his next production.
The quality of the videos are very good, well produced, and well edited. Of course, they’re far from professional quality, but sometimes professional is overrated.
Kev is everywhere: ballgames, dances, marches, meetings, and anywhere young folks are expressing themselves. He likes to be in front of the camera as much as he obviously enjoys being behind it. The love and admiration that folks have when his camera is on is unmistakably genuine.
Even the Chester Republican party made YesGodTV their official campaign film crew. I guess I understand it based on the number of people who view their videos, but I believe their credibility was questioned by having campaign videos in the same space as the hottest city rappers spewing the most foulest of language.
It would have made sense to either have YesGodTV create a YesGodTV2 channel for the more serious stuff, or just call me to do their videos (you know I had to plug the CCityBlogger Youtube channel).
I hope Kev keeps doing what he’s doing. For those of you who can’t stand those videos, stop watching. But, keep in mind that this may be the only peek into the heads of the young people that you claim you don’t understand. There is certainly a lot to be learned by hearing young folks express themselves. 
I’ve said before that based on much of the content, the name YesGodTV sometimes appears blasphemous, but, God made young folks too.
Now, let’s hear your comments on YesGodTV.


  1. He has youn men in this city all over you tube rapping about, GUNS, DRUGS, KILLING, DEGRADING WOMEN..... HE SHOULD BE ASHAME OF HIMSELF AND WE AS THE COMMUNITY SHOULD PUT A STOP TO HIM........ THERE ARE PEOPLE ACTUALY SMOKING DRUGS ON HIS VIEDOS ON YOU TUBE... CHECK OUT KILLER KEV AND SOME OF THE YOUTH. IT IS VERY SAD. LETS PROMOTE EDUCATION< TRADE SKIILS, THIS KIDS DESERVE THAT, and yes I am the one who wrote on the 7th and Tilgham post. I donot agree with the one post tearing down the community, there is a real promblem, and we need to build and educate.

  2. It is entertaing but lets look at the veiws that are children are sending, he could do more with his talent then allow the hatered and the promotion of drugs, guns, degraging women. We as people have to help educate children and for us to allow KILLER KEV and the others like DOLLAR BILL sing about killing and drugs and degrading women is just not right, its not about watching the viedo but allowing to promote this behavor and saying its ok, well that is wrong yes he has a talent but promating the stuff is careless and it is sending out the wrong message. VERY SAD THAT YOUNG PEOPLE THINK THIS WAY. AND WHEN YOU WERE GROWING UP I AM SURE YOUR PARENTS WOULD HAVE STEEPED IN. Were are the morals???? They are GONE....

  3. Just imagine what goes on that is not caught on camera. Some parents don't have a clue what they're babies are doing out on the block. They may not tell you but they ain't shy about telling the camera.

    Unfortunately, his positive videos get mixed in with the street videos. But when I want to see what happened at a Chester High or Widener football game, the recent political functions, and the Riverfront Ramble, I go to YesGodTV. Why, cause nobody else is capturing these events on video on a regular basis.

    Wouldn't it be cool if Kev got paid by the school district to show kids how to do positive videos on the cheap, and have them shown on their Comcast channel?

    No one watches positive videos with a message. If so, the Dr. Ben Carson and the Franklin Institute videos on the CCityblogger channel would have gone viral. Instead, those eight videos don't even have a 1000 views.

    All people want is music and basketball videos. At least that's been my experience.

  4. I had to drop the channel. He didn't help the Republicans any being part of their official crew.

  5. Is Kevin a rapper now? Sounds to me like it, "man, I like your videos but you have to be more aware and consciuos of what you put out". I agree with everyone but this is our problem now in the city albeit Kevin has a positive outlet unlike many of our youth. The positive message has to be instilled before hand not after the person fight through the world by themselves, get good at a craft and then people from afar are disapppointed at the product that is put out. You and I are in just as much the wrong as he is. Whether it's Kev or the kids rapping on the camera they are our youth, our product.

  6. Well this is me Yesgod himslef, As i read these silly comments I can only laugh cause most of you dont have a clue what i started and how it gain so many attention worldwide that it made some of the most ignorant mofos to take their talent serious to become something, Now b4 Yesgod Tv was ever invented, Chester Has never seen a Offical , Prom, Football, Basketball, Graduation, Mayors Debate, River Front Concerts, Fashions Shows, & Sucess stories, On Video, From a town fill of crime and drugs, What I have crated is the bestr video following to ever hit this City, It cought the attention of City Hall, and major Celebs around the world, And everything u watch is base on down here, Did yall know b4 their was any Yesgod rap stories, That Me myself and I went into every hood with a camera trying to stop the crime? Talking to the very hood people who I knew that was out their pulling the trigger from every diff hood in the City. Now yall blasting me with this rap BS, Now yall say people like Killa Kev & Dolla Bill has a neagtive message, But what Millionair Rapper, Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, 50 Cent, half of the bs they say is negatvie but people over look that cause of who they become, Hiphop is 70% ignorant anyway but diff folks has diff stories, and if yall really paid attention to the diff rappers in the City you can see that, But like I said mostly everyone enjoys watching what I put out, and now I see at 1,339,000 viewers worldwide, Yup.. So thanx for watching ya opinion matters but the ship will still sale up river #Yesgod Tv!!!!

  7. Kev. Thanks for sharing. Keep doin what you're doin.

  8. Crap!!! Suck up!!!

  9. What is crap? Who is sucking whom?

  10. Some people are just SPECIAL! Let him do what he do. Keeps him off the streets.

  11. Y'all must of forgot Yesgod Tv is deeper than rap. Then the babe said point out a rap video thats positive go listen CrushRecords' Young Chief' Sirdaj' Ra8ed R' I can keep going. Let me aks all of you this. If Yesgod Tv so negative why the hell don't you see Fights? Girls Shaken their ass' shootouts, robberys? I don't records thst bullshit. Rap is a talent Chester is full of crime. They only rap about whst they see. #YESGOD

  12. So disappointed with the negative comments about Kev. I was born and raised in Chester and some things never change. I once had a neighbor who complained about the children in the neighborhood " oh these kids ain't doin' nothin' ...robbing, drugs, stealing." The the same children decided to create a make shift basketball court not to far from her house the neighbor complained about that, "these kids don't have anything to do, always into something, the basketballs to loud." Seriously! Embrace what Kev and Yesgodtv are doing!

    Kev has created a voice for young people within the community to be heard. He has brought to us unity by filming Chester High Basketball games... Unity... A town mostly misunderstood coming together under one roof to see the achievements of our youth.

    So how is it the Jay Z is the man but we put down Kev. Yes god tv is going to be a part of Chester's History. There will come a time the youth of today will say " remember Yesgodtv" just as we say "remember the old downtown Chester."

    Encourage him, don't tear him down. That's what wrong with Chester!

    And the g in god is small "YesgodTv" which means he is not reference anything that has to do with Capital G od. Similar to "Oh Lawd" don't sweat the small stuff and look at the awesomeness of Kev dedication to his city.

    Peace and Blessings

  13. Oh and instead of looking at the videos he post in disgust ...look at them and find our where you can serve to make a difference in your community. That's what Kev Did! Talk about it be about it, blogging wont do anything.... go and serve in your community and make a change.