Tuesday, November 1, 2011

SURVEY RESULTS: What disgusts you the most?

I messed this one up. I forget to check the box that would have allowed you to pick more than one answer when I asked you to Pick 3. 
So, let’s assume that everyone picked their favorite first. I know it’s a stretch, but work with me on this one since I blew it. 
Adults cursing at children 31%
Children cursing 23%
Sagging pants 17%
Littering 14%
Double Parking when there is a space 7%
Walking in the street, not the sidewalk 4%
Loud Music 0%

Considering that most of my readers are over 40, when we see adults cursing at children, or around children, we go into shock. Most of us never had our parents curse at or around us, and if so, it was a rare occasion. Today, it’s in everyday conversation for far too many adults and children. 
To hear children cursing to each other is also shocking to a lot of older ears. It’s on TV, and in the music, so why not come out of the children’s mouth?
Sagging pants is blatant indecent exposure. I don’t know why guys aren’t arrested for it.
People litter like their trash is going to disappear in thin air. 
Double parking is cool, but when there is a space to park, please pull into the space. Is it really that difficult to understand that the road gets much dangerous with you in the way?
Are the sidewalks so bad in Chester that everyone walks in the street? If so, we need to start citing property owners to fix their sidewalks. I’m surprised more people aren’t getting hit.
Loud music doesn’t bother anyone. Thank goodness because I’ve been known to crank it up in the car and at home. But then again, I don’t have a subwoofer rattling my car’s body parts, and I don’t park my car with the windows down and the stereo at full blast. 

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