Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Balance FREE foot scan is great

If you’re feet hurt, go to an orthopedic doctor. But, if you want to feel more comfortable in your shoes, boots, or sneaks, go to a New Balance store.
I’ve been buying New Balance sneakers for years but never at a New Balance store. Last month I took advantage of a Groupon offered by the New Balance Store in Wayne. 
What I learned is that employees at New Balance stores are trained to give a gait analysis to see how you walk. They then suggest the right shoe to help you if they find a problem.
The Wayne store also has a foot scan machine. It looks like a scale, but when you step on it it shows a digital image of the pressure points on your foot.

I was in the store to use the Groupon to purchase a gift for someone, but I hopped on the foot scan machine because I’m curious like that.  
The rep suggested that I try one of their stability insoles to help correct what he saw from my gait and scan. 
Let me tell y’all something...I’m a new man because of it. 
I’m on my feet in heavy boots on uneven surfaces for many hours at work. Usually, by the end of the night, my dogs are tired and hurting. Not any more. 
I’ve also slipped the insoles in my dress shoes and the comfort is amazing. It’s not the type of cushiony comfort a Dr. Scholes or gel type insert provides, but a comfort resulting in having your feet set in the right position no matter what shoe you’re wearing.
So, if you want all your shoes to feel the same, and especially if you are on your feet a lot, I highly recommend you check out a New Balance store, have them check you out, and get a pair of those insoles.
The analysis is free. The insoles cost about $45. A little pricey but well worth it for the comfort. And, it’s a whole lot cheaper than a trip to the foot doctor if you don’t have a real bad problem.
Check out Ryan in the Wayne store (200 W Lancaster Ave) about 2-3 miles off the Villanova exit on the Blue Route (I-476) . I don’t think they have the foot scan machine at Brandywine Town Center store on Naamans Rd. 

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  1. ok 1 did not know that how cool is that, I will def check one out and 2 $45 bucks is cheap cmpared to what I paid from the podiatrist for my insoles some years back...$269...they worked like what you are describing, I am definately going to hit an NB store, I'm on my feet for work allday and any relief is very welcomed.