Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chester Spirit sticks it to readers - Again

I guess I'm being petty.

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  1. yeah you are. they lined it up as straight above the caption as they could. they even left the price and date exposed.

  2. You can peel it off. Maybe you guys just aren't doing it right.

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  4. I stand corrected. It does come off.

    My problem is a lack of fingernails. Once I used a key to start a corner, it peeled right off.

    I guess it wasn't meant to be easy.

    Thanks for the tip.

  5. No, you were right the first time Stefan b/c if you haven't opened it up already it's 13 of 15 pages all supporting Mayor Butler. I guess for The Chester Spirit the Butler Team is like best western, "they'll keep the lights on for you", as far as money spent on advertisement. The should have just renamed it "The Butler Spirit" this week!

  6. Im more than certain that the Chester Spirit would have taken the Democrats money too. It's painfully obvious who has money and who doesn't. It really does come down to voting for the party with access to resources or the party that will struggle because they have so little.