Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Richard A. Ash Scholarship Fund

Richard Ash was a prominent Center City attorney. He believed in preserving the values of our constitution and those traditions that sprung from our better nature. Mr. Ash was kind to his friends and generous to the less fortunate. He was active in and passionate about city affairs, driven by his love for Philadelphia. Mr. Ash frequently challenged long-held notions that excluded minorities and women.

He dedicated much of his legal career to championing the underdog and to various causes which included the advancement of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Mr. Ash left a generous bequest establishing this fund which provides scholarships to needy Philadelphians who could not otherwise afford to go to college.
Scholarship award amounts will generally range from $1,000 per year up to 90% of the full educational cost. Scholarship awards may be applied to primarily tuition, books and fees.

Here's the link to the
scholarship application.

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