Monday, January 31, 2011

'Please Touch Museum' facing money shortfall

She's bringing the kids to Please Touch
It was just last week that my 26 year old daughter took a trip down memory lane and reminded me how much fun she used to have during our trips to the Please Touch Museum back when it was a cramped little gem on the Parkway. 
Now she has two children and says she wants to make sure she brings her kids up from Atlanta to visit the new and improved Please Touch the next time she’s here.
I just share this story to encourage those of you with young kids to spend a day at the Please Touch Museum. For my kids, they remember it more than a trip to the zoo. 

Click HERE for the Shortfall Story
Click HERE to visit the Please Touch Museum site


  1. I like taking my daughter also, but if you have more the 1 child it's really expensive if you are on a buget and buying the yearly pass can be a bit muct too, for those on a budget when it was that gem in the wall, it was more affordable. They get a nice size crowd weekly, but the should consider the whole customer base not just the more financially well off especially since there is only so much to do, and yes it can be done in 1 day.

  2. It's $15 per person. It's certainly worth every penny, but for many it is cost prohibitive.